11:32am July 28, 2014


this is literally what it’s like to be 21

or you know in Canada 18 in Quebec and 19 Everywhere else ;)

11:27am July 28, 2014



Name one good thing a white people did.

Made Tumblr so you can bitch about how horrible a race of people are despite the fact that they can’t help being white anymore than a black or hispanic can.


11:15am July 28, 2014

 I hate when people say that Frankie is a horrible person


Sure, Zach and Frankie are close. However, it doesn’t change the fact that a little over a month ago they didn’t even know each other. It doesn’t change the fact that they each came onto this show to play a game and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win $500,000. Frankie is just doing whatever he thinks is…


11:14am July 28, 2014

Things I don’t like about this season…


-the change in all the music. The intro, the nom ceremony. It pisses me off and I don’t like it.
-the fact that everyone is putting up the same people for eviction every fucking week.
-these people are playing way to personal
-basing their game based on what the house wants rather than what is best for them.
-the new intro
-this season as a whole.

valid point but here’s the thing ..there are 4 nominee’s now not 2.. and there are 2 HOH’s not 1 and there is 2 chances to get yourself of the block .. so usually pawns are best to go up in this case and backdoor your real target… further more most likely the people who always go up are actual collateral…as in people want them gone. 

The Unanimous voting is annoying but the people they get put up with are usually the nice guys or their friends (Donny) .. like no I won’t be that odd person voting just so it be 9-1 vote. 

Anyways… on to the next post.

11:52pm July 27, 2014


Christine and Nicole on the show:


Christine and Nicole on the feeds:


11:50pm July 27, 2014


Zach’s HOH speech


11:49pm July 27, 2014


My new reaction gif to everything 


11:48pm July 27, 2014


prob one of the funniest moments on the live feeds imo

8:46pm July 27, 2014


Zach’s nomination speech.